Designstead is an intimate interiors studio based in Toronto’s west end. We work mostly in retail but see ourselves as ‘curators of lifestyle’ so welcome new and unique opportunities to collaborate with clients committed to creating great space. 

We immerse ourselves into the lives and businesses of our clients. Learning the ins and outs we collaborate in the development of a space that not only represents you and your brand but also positively impacts your bottom line. We’re not afraid of a challenge and love to creatively solution environments that can be enjoyed by all who inhabit them.

We have a keen sense of space and deep consideration for how people interact with it. We believe people should feel welcome and strive to create approachable but sophisticated interiors that speak to the highest level of the human experience.

No project is too big or too small. Whether a concept or full project implementation we will work with you to best determine how we can work together. With a network of collaborators, we can grow the project team as needed to cover all our bases. Communication is key so we’ll give it to you straight and never avoid your calls. 

Having worked with a range of clients from established national brands to owner operator startups we’ve learned a lot about people and how to make their projects a success. With each new opportunity, we look to build lasting relationships with the intent of working together for years to come. Like anyone we’ve made our share of mistakes but we take these as learnings to better ourselves in the future. 

Despite being a small team we have big capabilities and even bigger aspirations. In the relatively short time that we’ve been around we’ve created some beautiful work and look forward to doing so for many years to come.

Get in touch and let’s figure out how we might work together.

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Andrew Gallici

I’ve always had a passion for language arts but that all changed after working a part time job in retail in my early ‘20s. I became obsessed.

I discovered I had a hunger for design and went on to earn a BA in interior design from Ryerson University. From there, my career has been centered on creating retail design experiences.   

I LOVE shopping, travelling, art, theatre, cinema, cooking and good wine and great conversation.

Nothing makes me happier than when these interests collide on a great vacation.  That said, I’m equally comfortable curling up on my sofa with an iPad or book - I am a Cancer after all!

I pride myself in creative problem solving, unique experiences, curation and never advocating “beige” or mediocrity. As far as I’m concerned, we should aim for the stars! 

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While I’ve lived in various parts of the globe I’ve always called Toronto home and inevitably return.

With two degrees; political science from McGill and interior design from Ryerson, I’m a balance of academic and creative. My academic side initially led me towards law but a year spent living in the UK made me realize that the floor plans and interior sketches I’d been drawing since a child were my true passion and calling.

A lover of food, travel and good and bad movies and television, I value time spent with friends and family and doing random projects of which I typically have many on the go.  

Often described as being quietly confident I’m often not the loudest in the room but an excellent listener and always willing to share my opinion and point of view. Meticulous and conscientious by nature I can’t help but go above and beyond to ensure I always deliver the best that I can.

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To put it quite simply, I have always had a desire to surround myself with beauty. From people and places to meals and moments, it’s something that I’m able to find in most things. Design has allowed me to create and share this quality with people on many levels.

While I’ve always had a passion for interiors and spaces, it took me completing a business degree at the University of Western Ontario to admit that I needed a career that would speak to my creative side. I studied interior design at St. Clair College, moved my life to Toronto, and the rest is history.

I love exploring Toronto and discovering all it has to offer; independent coffee shops, local restaurants and brunch spots, parks, shops and the many residential neighbourhoods that make up this city.

If given the choice, I prefer walking or cycling to driving – I just don’t want to miss out on anything.

I value relationships and appreciate genuine conversation – it’s the only way we’ll get to know each other.